IB Corp Breaks Into Top 10 with Martinez and Hoeft


The IB Corp Racing Team was fully ready to engage in high octane warfare when they took to the track this weekend. After an 8 week race break and intense training, the team was focused to achieve their best result of the 2017 season. Coach and Mentor Ryno Hughes noted “Going into the race, both racers were sharp and motivated. More tension than I would have thought but perhaps because of the 8 week break. 

Cole Martinez kicked off the first heat race of the night in what could only be described as liquid concrete with a decent start but ended up towards the middle of the pack and sliding through with a 7th place. Justin Hoeft would have a decent start but quickly advanced passed the majority of the group and had his sights firmly focused on posting a career best 1st but fell back to finish a IB Corp best of 3rd. Family and team were proud of Hoeft as he came back to the pits. Cole Martinez would continue to watch the 450 group and take more pointers. 

The design of Seattle was a little different than the other West Coast Supercross Races. The technical aspect of these tracks were not the size of the jumps and drawn out rhythm sections but rather the quality of the soil itself. Large golf ball size rocks, lime mixed in with the track and a wetsandish quality made riding difficult for all riders. 

During the Main Event Hoeft and Martinez had a poor start and Hoeft had a 4th place hole shot fell to a near dead last after getting tied up. Turns out that Chris Alldredge ended up crashing on his own and sent to the hospital due to the tough conditions causing a red flag and a complete restart. 

The IB Corp Team mustered up the courage to rev up and throw some dirt again during the Main Event #2 Start. Both riders rode consistent and made a solid finish of 9th for Cole Martinez and 10th for Justin Hoeft. A best result for the team in 2017.


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