IB CORP Starts Season with 2 Months Prep


In the last few days the IB Corp team settles on 2 final riders. Ecuadorian and South American Martin Castelo and Supercross grinder Cole Martinez to mount the retooled Yamaha 250cc cycles. With anxiety brewing amongst the entire team they prepare for the journey to Anaheim California. Only a few hours away from the home base they do their best to relax before attacking the track.

Photo Credit  Motocross Action Mag

California is known for having a steady climate, but this year has started off on a different note. With several days of heavy rain, racing was not looking as optimistic. However, hours before the event saw a cloud break allowing the crew to pull off the tarp and plywood covers on the track. Because of the weather no rider would get a stress free practice and everyone would go right to Qualifier #1. Martin Castelo would post a 13th in the B Class with a 1.08.973 and Cole Martinez would barely advance to the Main Event with a 1.05.655 and a 17th overall squeaking by to be able to compete in the Main Event.

Photo Credit Motosport.com

Photo Credit Motosport.com

With a 18th position in the main start, moved to 13th through the hole shot but fell back to 16th within the first lap moving his way through the first few laps making strategic passes moving several paces to 12th. But ultimately a few costly decisions wold get him passed in the remaining minutes to finish 18th.

Team spirits were high for Castelo’s result. Even though he did not make it to the night event, he showed improvement and was ready to get to work on Monday to improve his results for San Diego. Cole Martinez clearly suffered from fatigue and team manager Ryno Hughes was happy to see him to the Main Event but ready to put him to work and increase his cardiovascular training.