IB Corp, inc. Racing 2017 Off-Road Team Announced


IB Corp, Inc. Racing Division is pleased to announce their 2017 off-road team featuring Martin Castelo, Marshall Weltin and Keith Tucker riding in the 250cc lites.

Team owner Jorge Cherrez, Ecuador is called upon by his cousin to sponsor his nephew's racing career, Martin Castelo, in the 250 lites West Coast 2 months before the season starts. A near impossible task of assembling bikes, transportation, team manager, mechanic's, tools and paperwork to actually race was completed 9 days before race 1 in Anaheim begins. With a branding background, Cherrez and IB Corp Racing hired Epic Nomad's production team to create an episodic documentary of the team's dreams realized or dashed at the outset of their campaign.

Prior champion, and overall legend in Motocross, Ryno Hughes, met with, agreed and began going to work to assemble IB Corp Racing backend. Working side by side with former competitor, "Hoodie" (Jonathan Lower), chief mechanic "China" (Brent Myron) and mechanic Christopher Puffer they set up the Yamaha 250 race bikes and were ready for action.

Aspiring young prodigy and Ecuadorian Champion and Winner of the South American Championship, Martin Castelo is set to compete during the 2017 AMA season in the 250cc class with IB Corp, Inc. Castelo looks forward to matching the success he has generated in South American in the United States AMA division.  

Competing alongside Martin are two other hungry competitors making their mark on the circuit, Number 89 Marshall Weltin and Number 641 Keith Tucker. 

Weltin is making his way through the ranks as an Amateur champion in Freestone National 450cc and 250cc and Oak Hill Spring national championships. He brings a drive to win with his dynamic personality and relentless throttle to the team. His 2017 conquest to rise to the top will be one to watch. 

While Tucker has placed first in at the top of the podium hoisting the trophy for multiple events for the 250cc series including Mill Creek Spring Classic Oak Hill International and Collegeboy to name a few and placing in the top 3 in several 450cc events. His knowledge and skill is a great addition to the team dynamic.

Representing the IBCorp, Inc. Racing Division US West Coast branch is Jorge Cherrez who, for the last 25 years has had tremendous gains in the branding and financial industry