IB CORP Places 14TH and 15TH in Main Event


With a confusing weather forecast, Anaheim would again have a very wet start with clouds breaking just in time to allow all the pilots of the race to keep raincoats and umbrellas packed away. The IB Corp team is again enthusiastic about a new week and a confidence between both pilots due to a few practice heats during the week at a private ranch. The focus was on getting a good start and it payed off during the Qualifications. Martin Castelo seemed to easily make it into the Night Show, however, came up short during the Heats. Cole Made had great times in the Qualification with a 59.592 moving him into the Night Show without trouble. His Heat would earn him an 8th place allowing for a decent start in the Main Event.

Photo Credit  D irtbikes.com

Photo Credit Dirtbikes.com

Castelo had to fight for his first ever Main Event victory in the LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier). With 24 riders and only 4 spots to move to the Main Event chances were pretty slim. Martin Castelo would drive out of the start with gusto and move himself to a 4th place finish allowing him a spot in the coveted Main Event. The team felt as if they had a victory on their hands with this emotional placement and the excitement did not end there. 

Photo Credit  Racer X

Photo Credit Racer X

Castello would start in last place in the Main Event and get a poor start to stay in last place during the first lap. Martinez would also have poor position in 16th and also had a slow start dropping him to 19th. But out of the first corner a pile up between #37 #64 and #6 would allow IB Corp to gain a few positions. Castelo would pass teammate Martinez in the first few minutes but eventually lose position over Martinez to keep a 14th and 15th place midway. Castelo would make a costly mistake over the whoops and lose 3 places and have to fight back to overtake more riders making up time. 

When watching Martin Castelo make his rounds, it seemed that his success would be attributed to his fitness level. As other riders looked fatigued Castelo made effortless passes to regain a 14th position beating team member Cole Martinez with a 15th. Both riders would shake hands past the finish line and come back to a team who was very enthusiastic with Castelo’s results. Unfortunately as soon as the race ended, Martin Castelo was informed that his Visa paperwork was not up to standard and was put on a plane to Ecuador to sort this issue out. The team was in shock losing the one person this entire team was designed around. Castelo has informed the team that he does not know when he will be back in the states to race again. With the direction of Team Owner Jorge Cherrez and Ryno Hughes, the team looks for a new replacement to ride Martin’s bike in the next few races.