IB CORP'S Martinez Places 14th In Main Event


With a week of riding and training #593 and #57 were ready to mount their steel steeds and ride into battle. San Diego is expected to host warm weather and a dry climate. However, similar to Anaheim 1 the rain was pertanant. As a result both pilots agreed to visit Arizona and train on well groomed and dry terrain hoping to boost confidence and fine tune their bikes. With less than 2 months to put together the team and motorcycles, pilots were unable to test the bikes as much as they felt they needed. They would have to adjust on the fly during heats and races.

Photo Credit  Motocross Action Mag

Martinez would succumb to the soft track when he came down from a double and poured himself into a corner. Unfortunately for him he would not anticipate the soft terrain and flew over the handlebars and readjusting his bike to near unridable. With a quick handlebar change he would make it to the Night Show, falling very short and nearly eliminated but pulling off the final spot of the LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier) allowing him into the Main Event. 

Photo Credit  CycleDump

Photo Credit CycleDump

In dead last place sitting 22nd in the Main Event to start, Martinez pulls out a decent hole shot reaching 9th but sitting on the outside of the pack and eventually lining up to a 14th on the first lap. He holds his line throughout the next few laps but still not finding his speed and losing a few positions but making some passes during some tie ups and reaching a 10th half way through.  Although he bettered his last result, Martinez would find disappointment with the evening result of 12th and shared concern from Team Manager, Ryno who blamed his fitness and arm pump for his positioning.

Martin Castelo would not make it to the night show for the second time and although he has improved he would find disappointment learning that he was now a small fish in a big pond. Ryno would make arrangements to continue to improve upon his fitness as he believes it is his greatest asset.