you think you got the stuff...

Will you do whatever it takes to be a champion?

We have heard it all, "I'm not pro because I dont have a free ride, rich uncle bob, hot rod bike, crack team of mechanics to adjust my piston return spring!"

Well, "cupcake" here is your chance to prove you got champion blood.

We are taking the best of the best and giving them an opportunity

  • "Professional Racer" as your job title
  • the most dynamic coach in Supercross
  • fastest 250 cc bikes 
  • top mechanics to fine tune your gear
  • $100,000 in cash for your pocket

During 2017 we are accepting entries to participate in our new show "Live for Saturday" and compete against your peers to get a full sponsorship for the 2018 season. Fill out the form below and show us your skills. We wish you the best "cupcake"!


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What they call you
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