Ibcorp racing team

At Racetrack Supercross® we have a commitment to the future of Supercross. We are true warriors who are willing to give it our all, with courage, discipline, and commitment.

Everyone on our team is an absolute champion at heart

It was a dream so ambitious, so unattainable to the outside world, but we knew in our hearts it was destined to happen. Racetrack Supercross the series has fueled its success by every rejection we have come across. You can count on the fact that our passion will put us at the top.

IBCORP RACING, has been accredited by the AMA since 2016 as a professional team. It's aim is to discover and promote new talent and open up opportunities to young riders with real passion for the sport.




San Clemente, California, United States

Age: 25

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 165 lbs

Racing class: 250 SX Lites Monster Energy Supercross



Quito, Ecuador

Age: 22

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 155 lbs

Racing class: 250 SX Lites Monster Energy Supercross



Castaic, California, United States

Age: 19

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 160 lbs

Racing class: 250 SX Lites Monster Energy Supercross

Team management

Ryan "Ryno"


Team Coach

Ryan Hughes earned his reputation as one of the world's best Motocross racers during his 28 years racing professionally and is a well known figure in the Motocross world. He's a former AMA factory rider with multiple AMA Motocross and 125cc Supercross wins, a winner and three time member of Motocross Des Nations teams, a Grand Prix racer, off-roader and a Supermoto rider himself. During his career, Ryan was best known for the level of fitness he maintained and his unparalleled desire to win. Ryan raced many years after his formal retirement in 2007, up until February 2013 when he broke T2-T7 in his back. He came back stronger than ever from this injury and while he only rides Motocross on occasion now, he continues to work as a Coach for Racetrack Supercross®.



Media Production

With an extensive resume in Broadcast Television, over a dozen documentaries, millions of online video views, Brad Barker has had a dynamic career producing content that entertains and motivates. As a child he was gifted a Honda 50 and was hooked to the motorcycle lifestyle. Now, an expert on the BMW R1200GS Rallye, Brad competes in adventure championships and is invited to Host many motorcycle rallies across the United States. When creating any documentary or web series, he is constantly looking to improve upon the stories previously told with the latest technologies and practices.



Team Manager

Jaime Ellis grew up as a Motocross racer in Louisiana and Texas, passionate about pushing his limits to the sport. After college Jaime worked as a mechanic for airplanes and helicopters, leading him to dive deep into the mechanics of engine performance and worked his way to Yamaha of Troy, Factory Red Bull KTM and Rockstar Energy Suzuki-KTM as a chief mechanic winning the West Coast Supercross Lites in 2014. As a student of perfecting the racing engine of these performance dirt bikes, Jaime started Twisted Development and has built his shop, team and business. Jaime's super knowledge of engine performance, incredible back office experience in Supercross racing and ability to manage a team is a asset to the Racetrack Supercross® 2018 season.