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December 20, 2017
press release, 12/20/2017

We sent a "call to action" for racers who need cash, a team, a coach and the best bikes in the business. Hundreds responded and we invited five riders to be put up in a mansion in the Temecula Wine Valley, dine at four-star restaurants, use the best motorcycles and best mechanics from Twisted Development, and be coached by motocross legend Ryan "Ryno" Hughes. Each contestant has the chance to land a $100,000 contract. This is the beginning of their story. This is the Anatomy of a Supercross Racer. This is Racetrack Supercross.

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press release, 12/06/2017
December 09, 2017
12 / 06 / 12

Brad Barker

IB Corp Racing

858 - 775 - 1709

Murrieta, CA - IB Corp Racing announced today the winner of the 2018 $100,000 Sponsorship into the Monster Energy Western Regional Lites Championship Supercross on the "Racetrack Supercross Web Series" by way of a contest.

With over 200 video submissions into the contest; the team leadership narrowed down the applicants to 21 qualified Supercross racers. The panel of judges reviewed all of the footage, and the top 5 finalists were chosen:

  • Bobby Piazza
  • Dylan Merriam
  • Michael Leib
  • Noah McConahy
  • Zac Commans

IB Corp Racing provided a mansion in the Temecula wine country where they would live for a week and compete for a single seat on the team. There were many grueling day to day challenges that were conducted to show the Judges the rider's technical ability, endurance and dedication. After a full week of trials and tribulations the rider that prevailed to be the overall contest winner is Wildomar, California's own MICHAEL LIEB.

Michael Leib commented "When I heard there was a contest to win a 100,000 dollar sponsorship I couldn't sign up fast enough!"

IB Corp Owner Jorge Cherrez commented "I am excited to welcome Michael Leib onto the team for 2018!"

Team Manager Jamie Ellis commented "The 2018 season of Supercross is going to change the sport of Supercross forever! It was so much fun to see the heart and determination of these athletes and have a chance to get to know them on a more personal level."

IB Corp Head Coach Ryan Hughes commented: "The Judges did a very good job selecting the final contestants because once the boys came into the house it was a very competitive competition. All of these talented riders brought their A Game and I am happy to have Michael Lieb as our 3rd rider for 2018."

December 09, 2017
press release, 12/06/2017

During the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Series, we noticed a number of filmers around the IB Corp Racing team during the West Coast portion of the tour. At that time it wasn't clear what was happening, but since it was an upstart team with two riders and influential staff members, we figured they were up to something good. The production was actually part of a reality-style show that gives an inside look at what is necessary to compete at the highest levels of motocross racing. The team has release episode one that shows how current racer Martin Castelo and former racer turned trainer Ryan Hughes were brought together by mutual friends.

This is just one part of a larger project that the production crew and team recently wrapped up, which put five racers against each other in a competition of talent, marketing savvy, and physical fitness for the final spot on the team for 2018.

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November 15, 2017
press information, 11/1/2017

We received a press release last week about an innovative new plan for a 250SX Western Region team in Monster Energy Supercross. Team IB Corp. Racing will hold tryouts for a spot on the squad, hosted by the infamous Ryan Hughes, and record it all for shows to play on YouTube. The winner gets a ride equal to $100,000 when you consider the salary, bike, travel and staff involved.

Our man David Pingree recently ran into Jamie Ellis, who will run the team, for more info on the process. Ellis, by the way, also runs his own successful hop-up shop, Twisted Development, and he'll build the bikes for the team.

Racer X: You work with us on a lot of our project bikes and stuff, but for those who are not familiar with your background and the company itself, give us a little run-down?

Jamie Ellis: The last professional race team I worked with was Rockstar KTM. I was a crew chief there. We won the championship on the West Coast with Jason Anderson in 2014. Prior to that, I was the engine builder. I did all of the electronic mapping, kind of the team coordinator of sorts, over mainly the motorcycles and the crew. That led me into kind of building and developing parts and doing stuff as we needed for the team. I've got small kids and wanted to stay home and not watch my kids grow up from afar. So that gave me the opportunity to start Twisted Development in 2014 after that season. We've kind of just been full-blown offering race parts and services to the general consumer.

It's going well for you. Like we mentioned earlier, you've got Haiden Deegan (Brian Deegan's son) who's a top amateur kid. You've got a handful of pros who don't have factory deals come to you to build race bikes to keep them competitive. So, your name is definitely out there.

That's kind of how it started, is with Haiden Deegan, believe it or not. After I decided to start the business, it was Brian Deegan who took a chance with putting me on salary and giving me an opportunity to make his kid's bikes as good as I could. I kind of got shored up by Brian Deegan, to be honest, where you would be stupid to not take this opportunity to build a brand and try to build something for the future and specialize in what you're good at doing. So, it was that opportunity of having enough money to cover things that kind of shored me up. It's pretty hard to not know where your paycheck is going to come from and just going out [and trying it]. Luckily, now we are coming up on our fourth year in business. We're learning every day. We're trying, and that's what we tell customers.

One of the things that we do as a company maybe different than others is we sell you the best thing we can develop. Sometimes there's a spec A or a spec B that you only give to these guys. I always tell the customers, "If you've got the money, you can have it." That's the cutting-edge thing. It's delivering what we would have done at the race team to the general consumer and bridging that gap of, I'm putting my best foot forward because I never know who is going to win. I want anybody on my equipment to have the best that they can have.

That's definitely not something that's offered from other companies, if they have a race team, let's say. You can't buy what they're racing on. They'll sell you something a step down.

That comes down to if you don't have anything better, then that's a problem. We're always working on something. We're on our ninth and tenth version of the YZ250F piston. Is there something better out there? We don't know. We've failed a lot of money and we're [still] trying. If you get version six, it's still the best thing I knew at version six, until I furthered development. Working with good partners helps us to really get to the next level. That's our commitment to our customer, that we're not stopping. We're not just selling a package because it will sell well. That's just not the type of person I am, and not the type of business that I believe in. Delivering the very best we can is what we strive to do, whether you're coming in for just ECU tuning or you want a full engine race package. We're not just going to sell you a big money motor. We can do anything for anybody. But of the parts we're developing, the complete package is where our goals are.

This year, coming into the 2018 season, you guys have a unique opportunity with a race team. Tell me about what's going on there.

This is really as good as it gets for a guy like myself, to be honest. We are going to be running the IB Corp Racing team. The owners, Jorge and Brad, they have a very unique look. They're very successful businessmen in other ventures, and their liking of motorsports comes pretty heavily to be involved in what they're doing. As businessmen they're like, "There's something missing in the sport." Trying to create something to have an edge is what they've done. So, if you look at anyone that has been successful, they try to find a key area in an industry that doesn't exist yet and try to capitalize on that. So, basically what they've done is created a contest. There's a $100,000 giveaway, which is included in the guy's salary, building the bikes and the racing and all that stuff. All of that stuff encompassed is going to be what's going to happen. So is the vehicle of going to get signed up and seeing what's there. You have to send in a video of yourself riding, a video of yourself talking about why you deserve the ride, and fill out the proper document. We've gotten some videos that have been less than full. So just do whatever it says and we'll be fine. You're going to come out to California. We're going to have the final contest, [which] will be three riders. We'll have three complete motorcycles. Enzo's [suspension company] going to be there. I'm going to be there for the mapping. Basically, the general layout is to give you a day on the bike, get you comfortable, get you set up with your bars, your grips, all that stuff. Then after that, it's going to kind of come down to… We'll put LITPro devices on everyone, do some lap times, watch your heart rate. I'm thinking probably a road ride with Ryno [Ryan Hughes] of some sorts up Palmar Mountain.

What's Ryno's role again?

He's obviously the team trainer because that's what he's extremely good at, but also he's the narrator of our story. He's a very achieved athlete and very strong-minded. If you follow him on Instagram, he's pretty deadly accurate with most of the things he's posting. With that being said, Ryno is just kind of a [interesting] life to be around. So, he's a big influence in this whole thing. So, you will be on Ryno's program if you are the guy who makes it through. That's something that we'll follow throughout the whole video series. So, if you go to Racetrack Supercross on YouTube, it will bring up episode one that launched last year. With Feld releasing the rights to the footage, it creates a show. Before that, we did all the filming with the hopes of Feld playing fair. They realized that it is something that is a good benefit to our sport, something new. This isn't a reality show, but how many of those have spun off over Ultimate Fighter or American Idol or all of these things? So, what we have is racing and that's what we love, and that's what we're doing. We're a racing team that has media coverage that's going to be there as a vehicle to help promote sponsors in a different light.

So maybe a new and improved version of the Bookoo team show they had?


So, when is the deadline for these videos?

The deadline is going to be the 15th of this month [today], at midnight. All video submissions have to be there. By the 18th, we'll email all of the contestants to let everybody know who's going to make it to the final cut to fly out to California and start training.

When is that? Will that be shortly after that?

Yeah, it's going to have to move really quick. So, the motorcycles are built now and going to be all ready. The suspension, we're going to get to Enzo. We can figure out what the weights are. We're doing this thing right. When you show up to California, you're going to get a motorcycle that's set up for you, whether you're a short guy and you want a minus ten foot pegs or plus ten foot pegs, or a minus ten subframe or whatever it is, we're tailoring [it to] these guys to give everyone the best opportunity possible. Even if a guy comes out and doesn't win the ride, it's still so worth it to feel and know what a real team is like. That's an experience that not many people in the country have actually ever been privy to. So, if you are the guy, I suggest you get signed up as quick as you can.

Who else is involved with the team and helping you guys?

Right now we're using Yamaha YZ250Fs. They've been a supporter of what we're doing, and that's been really cool. Donny [Emler] from FMF, both the Dons, they're on board. Dunlop tires. Some really iconic brands that we're going with. That's also a staple of how good the motorcycle is going to be. Twisted Development doing the engines, electronics, mapping. Enzo suspension, which as you know is some of the best you can get in the world, and their commitment to showing up, testing. We have a race guy. We're using the full-blown factory suspension from them. So, really, with a high horsepower engine that we're going to have to have from the Twisted Development standpoint, and also pairing that with Enzo suspension on the Yamaha, what else do you really need?

For you guys, tell me about kind of what the goals are. I guess some of that depends on who you land with, but as far as what caliber of entrance you have at this point, what do you think your goals would be?

As of right now, we have Justin Hoeft, who we had last year. We took him on. He was on the couch and we gave him an opportunity, and the kid shined. He's a good starter. He's up front. We're expecting a lot out of him, as well as Martin Castello. It will be his second year racing. His first year of switching to supercross was a bit trying, but looking for some really good results out of him as well. This contest winner [who will be the third rider] is a wild card. That's the fun of it. It will be the hungriest guy who wins the contest that will make it through. That just kind of creates another element, and also something for our sport to kind of talk about. I can see Ralph [Sheheen] and Jeff [Emig] keying it up [on television]. "The contest winner from this deal." So, I think for our sport it gives those guys something to look forward to talking about, and they'll follow his journey throughout the supercross season. Realistically, the bikes have to be up front. That's the way it's going to go.

February 12, 2017
ibcorp riders place 8th and 13th, best result fo the 2017 supercross season
press information, 02/04/2017

Round 6 at Dallas Texas AT & T Stadium, IBCORP RACING started the event with Cole Martinez 11th place and newly christened rider Justin Hoeft racing his second event in his supercross career. Heat races were no obstacle for both riders with an inmediate quialification for each rider.

The night show also had the same pace as the qualifiers with well timed gate starts for both riders. Cole Martinez would sit 5th place for several laps until making a mistake and mistiming the rhythm sectins and going off track. Martinez would recover to finish in 8th place overall, his best result all year. Justin Hoeft's second race un Supercross would have a 13th result and confirm his skill in Motocross would bridge to racing in an arena bettering his previous result of 17th in the Main Event.

Good results don't come without a cost. Justin Hoeft's bike war torn down at the end of the evening by the AMA to inspect for foul play. The performance of the bikes and pilots has raiser flags throghout the industry and IBCORP RACING has began to make a name for themselves and perhaps becoming the top privateer team in Supercross lites. With the addition of a New Mechanic for #244 Justin Hoeft, Braden, 19, being coached and trained by Brent "China" Myron to work on becoming a top 3 team in the 2018 season.

FEBRUARY 5, 2017

IBCORP'S NEW RIDER JUSTIN HOEFT, qualifies not only for the night show, but also for the main event. COLE MARTINEZ RACES TO A HARD FOUGHT 11th place. After only three days on the IBcorp racing powered by Rock River Yamaha newly christened rider Justin Hoeft got the call to join the team and start his career in Supercross only 3 days before the February 4th event in Oakland. Starting the day off by clocking the fastest time in the C Class timed practice. His time of 1.05.563 allowed him to easily be part of the night show.

Cole Martinez's time of 1:04.892 in A class practice made the night show no problem, for the young Arizona native. In Justin's first ever sx heat race he hated well holding on to 8th place before a fall, cost him his qualifying spot, and relegated him to the LCQ. Cole was on fire in his heat slicing through riders with ease, as the leaders fell, Cole comfortably finished an career best heat place Finish of 3rd.

With 18 riders in the LCQ competing for 4 positions Hoeft would put his heart on the line and earn a 4th place in the very last lap moving him into the Main Event. Both riders faced the main event with a enthusiastic yet poised attitude. Hoeft would suffer a mistimed start putting him in last place for the first turn. A couple of turns later a large pile up claimed Cole who had gated well in 6th amongst others, Justin managed to squeeze through, a caution flag and allowing those in the top tier to pull ahead. Hoeft didn't give up and began a somewhat aggressive line passing his way to 11th before mistiming a triple, feeling the pressure of the main event and making singles and doubles eventually dropping to a near last place finish.

Martinez pushed ahead in the first 10 minutes to reach a 9th only to lose ground and get passed. Cole would wrap the night with a 11th place finish. Upset with his evening and looking to better his last weeks season best of 10th place Cole is looking forward to Dallas were he can regain his lost momentum. Overall a respectable night for the 2017 version of IBcorp racing powered by Rock River.

JANUARY 29, 2017

Feeling at home Cole Martinez, born and bred in Arizona had a calm energy to start the event. Feeling comfortable with the dirt, environment, and support from his local friends he made good work in the qualifiers posting a 1.04.43 and advancing to the Night Show. Due to his top placing lap time he started off in good position and finishing the Heat with a 5th place allowing him to advance to the Main Event with his best starting position of the year.

With the void in the team, mechanic "Puffer" seemed to be feeling uneasy without much to do and the passion behind why the team started seemed to be astray. As the team focused on Cole Martinez and keeping the crew busy they couldn't help but take note of the progress Martin Castelo was making. Cole Martinez seemed to carry a new confidence during the Main Event, perhaps it was due to a personal drive to better himself at his home court or to prove himself worthy of being on the IB Corp Racing team. Either way, he was determined to race his best.

With a 8th starting position the gate would drop and a noticeable punch off the line would land him a 6th and eventually settled his first lap in 10th place by getting forced wide during most of the first 5 turns. Martinez would hold that position for the majority of the 17 minute event battling with #37 Nicolletti for 9th place. Martinez and IB Corp Racing would have their best result of the year breaking the top 10. With a happy team, they contemplate who will replace the missing rider for Oakland the week to come.

JANUARY 22, 2017

With a confusing weather forecast, Anaheim would again have a very wet start with clouds breaking just in time to allow all the pilots of the race to keep raincoats and umbrellas packed away. The IB Corp team is again enthusiastic about a new week and a confidence between both pilots due to a few practice heats during the week at a private ranch. The focus was on getting a good start and it payed off during the Qualifications. Martin Castelo seemed to easily make it into the Night Show, however, came up short during the Heats. Cole Made had great times in the Qualification with a 59.592 moving him into the Night Show without trouble. His Heat would earn him an 8th place allowing for a decent start in the Main Event.

Castelo had to fight for his first ever Main Event victory in the LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier). With 24 riders and only 4 spots to move to the Main Event chances were pretty slim. Martin Castelo would drive out of the start with gusto and move himself to a 4th place finish allowing him a spot in the coveted Main Event. The team felt as if they had a victory on their hands with this emotional placement and the excitement did not end there.

Castello would start in last place in the Main Event and get a poor start to stay in last place during the first lap. Martinez would also have poor position in 16th and also had a slow start dropping him to 19th. But out of the first corner a pile up between #37 #64 and #6 would allow IB Corp to gain a few positions. Castelo would pass teammate Martinez in the first few minutes but eventually lose position over Martinez to keep a 14th and 15th place midway. Castelo would make a costly mistake over the whoops and lose 3 places and have to fight back to overtake more riders making up time.

When watching Martin Castelo make his rounds, it seemed that his success would be attributed to his fitness level. As other riders looked fatigued Castelo made effortless passes to regain a 14th position beating team member Cole Martinez with a 15th. Both riders would shake hands past the finish line and come back to a team who was very enthusiastic with Castelo's results. Unfortunately as soon as the race ended, Martin Castelo was informed that his Visa paperwork was not up to standard and was put on a plane to Ecuador to sort this issue out. The team was in shock losing the one person this entire team was designed around. Castelo has informed the team that he does not know when he will be back in the states to race again. With the direction of Team Owner Jorge Cherrez and Ryno Hughes, the team looks for a new replacement to ride Martin's bike in the next few races.

JANUARY 15, 2017

With a week of riding and training #593 and #57 were ready to mount their steel steeds and ride into battle. San Diego is expected to host warm weather and a dry climate. However, similar to Anaheim 1 the rain was pertanant. As a result both pilots agreed to visit Arizona and train on well groomed and dry terrain hoping to boost confidence and fine tune their bikes. With less than 2 months to put together the team and motorcycles, pilots were unable to test the bikes as much as they felt they needed. They would have to adjust on the fly during heats and races.

Martinez would succumb to the soft track when he came down from a double and poured himself into a corner. Unfortunately for him he would not anticipate the soft terrain and flew over the handlebars and readjusting his bike to near unridable. With a quick handlebar change he would make it to the Night Show, falling very short and nearly eliminated but pulling off the final spot of the LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier) allowing him into the Main Event.

In dead last place sitting 22nd in the Main Event to start, Martinez pulls out a decent hole shot reaching 9th but sitting on the outside of the pack and eventually lining up to a 14th on the first lap. He holds his line throughout the next few laps but still not finding his speed and losing a few positions but making some passes during some tie ups and reaching a 10th half way through. Although he bettered his last result, Martinez would find disappointment with the evening result of 12th and shared concern from Team Manager, Ryno who blamed his fitness and arm pump for his positioning.

Martin Castelo would not make it to the night show for the second time and although he has improved he would find disappointment learning that he was now a small fish in a big pond. Ryno would make arrangements to continue to improve upon his fitness as he believes it is his greatest asset.

JANUARY 08, 2017

In the last few days the IB Corp team settles on 2 final riders. Ecuadorian and South American Martin Castelo and Supercross grinder Cole Martinez to mount the retooled Yamaha 250cc cycles. With anxiety brewing amongst the entire team they prepare for the journey to Anaheim California. Only a few hours away from the home base they do their best to relax before attacking the track.

California is known for having a steady climate, but this year has started off on a different note. With several days of heavy rain, racing was not looking as optimistic. However, hours before the event saw a cloud break allowing the crew to pull off the tarp and plywood covers on the track. Because of the weather no rider would get a stress free practice and everyone would go right to Qualifier #1. Martin Castelo would post a 13th in the B Class with a 1.08.973 and Cole Martinez would barely advance to the Main Event with a 1.05.655 and a 17th overall squeaking by to be able to compete in the Main Event.

With a 18th position in the main start, moved to 13th through the hole shot but fell back to 16th within the first lap moving his way through the first few laps making strategic passes moving several paces to 12th. But ultimately a few costly decisions wold get him passed in the remaining minutes to finish 18th.

Team spirits were high for Castelo's result. Even though he did not make it to the night event, he showed improvement and was ready to get to work on Monday to improve his results for San Diego. Cole Martinez clearly suffered from fatigue and team manager Ryno Hughes was happy to see him to the Main Event but ready to put him to work and increase his cardiovascular training.